Vampires of today

Someone once told me they believe vampires exist. I chuckled as they further told me they believed me to be one of them and that I just wasn’t interested in their blood.

If I was to entertain this notion it would be referring to individuals that require something from others that they can’t just give hence the comparison to bloodsuckers.

Even though I maintained a laugh afterwards, it got me thinking with all the craze about vampires and the supernatural in many shows, movies and books. 

Are there sane people of the same belief? 

People all have an angle in life whether it be money, power or to help others.

The “vampires” I’d touch on are those of us who seek to obtain their aspirations solely through using others. Namely via the relationships they’ve formed or by the life partners they seek.

In some weird way there are people out here that crave a certain aspect of people that they can’t fully relinquish. In that sense, who do you consider the vampires of your life? Is it an unhealthy thirst they’re trying to quench?

What is the unhealthy thirst that only people can or can’t seem to quench for you?



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